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At Galewind Software, technologists run the business.  
We are not a Sales & Marketing company, with office cubicles filled by 22-year old Junior Programmers.  We are an Engineering & Design company, whose technical staff has been working in and with the full range of computer technologies for over 15 years each.  
Our Engineering Team captures over 70 years of combined experience in high-security, high-volume business application development, deployment and support.  The breadth and depth of this experience is what powers the framework of our underlying architecture.  
This framework provides the foundation on which our Design Team can build.  Game Designers, Statisticians, Adobe® Flash® Developers, 3D Modelers, Graphic Designers and Animators apply their technical skills and artistic sensibilities to create our exciting collection of Casino games.  
We have been developing online casino applications/games since 2000.  Our technology has been powering various online casinos since 2004.  We decided to come together as Galewind Software Corp., and made that plan a reality in September of 2007.  
We won’t accept any compromise in the quality and reliability of our product.  We won’t release a game and expect the Players – your paying customers – to do the debug.  And we will never compromise on our integrity.  
Everyone says it.  We live it.  Quality, Reliability and Integrity.  
If this is the type of company with whom you would want to do business, then yours is the type of company with whom we would want to work.  
Key Personnel  

President and Chief Technology Officer
BS Chemistry, University of Connecticut, 1978

Director of Application Design
BA Communications, University of Montevallo, 1988

Vice President
BA Literature, University of Connecticut, 1976

Chief Financial Officer
BCom Accounting, Sir George Williams University, 1969

Database Administration
BS Computer Science, College of Charleston, 1984

Network Administration
AS Computer Science, Dean College, 1985
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